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Our smallest pet

The honeybee

Since 2021 our farm grew by a thousand little animals. Our honeybee hive.
To give you a little insight on a bees life, we summed up some interesting facts:

Sticking together:
Honeybees live in hives, the well-being and survival oft he hive is their number one priority.

On their collecting flights they concentrate on one flower species only. Usually the flowers that offer the most nectar that day.


Bees are workaholics and master different jobs in their lifetime.
From cleaning and maintenance, to construction work, baby sitting, hive protection and of course pilot on nectar and pollen search.

Not a monarchy:

Before the queen emerged from her nest she was only fed with the best royal jelly.
Her job is to lay eggs so new bees can grow and.

To get 1 kg of honey, one bee hast o fly to millions of blossoms.
She flies more than 150.000 km to collect that nectar.
Than the honey gets passed over 200 times from bee to bee until it’s ready to harvest.

Beekeeping is similar to a meditation.
It is absolutely mesmerizing to see how the bees work.
Because everything that looks like chaos on the first glance is perfectly planned and organised teamwork.

I am sure we can learn a lot from these little fluffy animals.
04.09.2022Steffi Malfertheiner

4th Edition of Tabbla Toò

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05.07.2017Michael Malfertheiner
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