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Cross Country Skiing

a healthy sport for everybody

The Alpe di Siusi in the Dolomites is known for its breathtaking beauty and variety of leisure activities. One of the most popular activities on the Alpe di Siusi is cross-country skiing.

The physical benefits of cross-country skiing:

-Full body workout: cross-country skiing is an excellent full body workout. It works the leg muscles for gliding and the upper body for pushing. This leads to increased muscle strength and improves endurance.
-Cardiovascular health: This sport is ideal for improving cardiovascular health. The constant movement promotes blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease.
-Calorie burning: Cross-country skiing is a calorie-burning sport. In one hour you can burn up to 500-800 calories, depending on the intensity and speed.
-Easy on the joints: In contrast to alpine skiing, cross-country skiing is easier on the joints, as the load is distributed more evenly across the body. This also makes it suitable for people with joint problems.

The mental benefits of cross-country skiing:
-Stress reduction: the peaceful surroundings of the Alpe di Siusi and the exercise itself can help to reduce stress and increase well-being.
-Mental relaxation: Cross-country skiing requires concentration and mental stamina, which can lead to improved mental relaxation and increased self-confidence.

Whether you are an experienced cross-country skier or want to try this sport for the first time, the Alpe di Siusi offers something for everyone. The health benefits of cross-country skiing are undeniable and our hotel is the ideal starting point to enjoy them to the fullest.
27.02.2024Steffi Malfertheiner

Immi turns 16

Our oldest lady of the barn

Our beloved cow Immi celebrates her 16th birthday on September 1st
Nowadays it is unfortunate that not many cows are getting this old. For us, the well-being and health of our cows comes first. The amount of milk produced is secondary.
17.03.2023Rita Malfertheiner

Our smallest pet

The honeybee

Since 2021 our farm grew by a thousand little animals. Our honeybee hive.
To give you a little insight on a bees life, we summed up some interesting facts:

Sticking together:
Honeybees live in hives, the ...
04.09.2022Steffi Malfertheiner

This is us II

the second part of our introduction to you

The somewhat different winter is coming to an end. We were lucky enough to host and entertain guests for a few weeks, albeit on a very reduced scale.
This hotel routine did us all good. The routine, the illuminated rooms in the evening, the ...
18.04.2021Michael Malfertheiner
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