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Kopie von Homemade alpine Butter since 1957

From the cow to your breakfast table

Early in the morning Kurt milks our nine cows. The milk then gets pasteurized and separated from the heavy cream.
Twice a week we collect all the heavy cream together and it’s time to make our butter.
We bring the heavy cream to room temperature and let it whip up for a couple of minutes until the butter and the buttermilk separate.
The Buttermilk is used for different desserts in the kitchen.
After that the butter is rinsed under cold water to get rid of any buttermilk residue.
Now the butter gets pressed to make sure that there are no water bubbles inside the final product.
To give our butter the tipical shape, we use a traditional wooden butter mould.
The final step is to freeze it at -18°C that assures our butter to stay fresh, to conserve all the vitamins and minerals and to kill any type of bacteria.
The taste of our butter is influenced by the food our cows eat every day.
That is why we only feed them the hay that grows around our hotel. Everything is a 100% natural and organic. And in summer they get to eat fresh grass and herbs on the pasture.
Our butter is a natural and local product that’s also why the color of our butter and buttermilk varies throughout the year.



15.08.2022Steffi Malfertheiner

Kopie von des sein mir - this is us

we present ourselves in this special hotel movie

In August 2019 the young photographer Fabian Dalpiaz accompanied us on our everyday work and collected some great content on his camera.
We are proud to present our kind of hotel movie:

18.04.2021Michael Malfertheiner
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